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Re: App-specific libraries (was: Re: Bug#218868: ITP: gphpedit -- PHP/HTML/CSS editor with syntax checking)

On Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 09:54:45AM +1100, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> I hope to upload the initial package soon, but I've been held up with
> library issues - gPHPEdit requires a patched version of GtkScintilla2,
> and the fixes aren't being incorporated into the main tree for some
> reason. So to upload gPHPEdit I somehow need to get a patched version of
> GtkScintilla2 uploaded as well.
> Question is, would it be reasonable to create a library package just for
> gPHPEdit, perhaps something like 'libgtkscintilla-gphpedit', if upstream
> for the main GtkScintilla2 don't incorporate the fixes? I'd rather not
> add a whole new package just for this if I can avoid it, but it may be
> the only way to make gPHPEdit work.

If the patches would be of general use, I'd try and get them incorporated
into the Debian package for scintilla, even if upstream won't take them (I'd
try and work out amongst those involved *why* it's not being accepted
upstream).  If it turns out that neither of those avenues are possible for
whatever reason, (I'm going with ABI incompatibility or that the patch
otherwise breaks normal function), then it's time to consider static
linking.  I don't know if the patched version of scintilla is included with
upstream's sources for gPHPEdit, but if it is, you're home free.  If not,
you'll have to fudge it into the source package somehow - by giant diff or
rebuilding the source package, whichever you think will be better.

Before all the shared object people kill me, if it's only going to be of
practical use to this one application, archive space will be saved by *not*
making a separate library package.  Scream "slippery slope" all you like.

- Matt

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