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Re: Bug#218868: ITP: gphpedit -- PHP/HTML/CSS editor with syntax checking

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 00:16, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
>  gPHPEdit is a Gnome2 text editor optimised for editing
>  PHP, HTML and CSS files. It supports editing multiple
>  documents with a tabbed interface, PHP syntax checking,
>  PHP/HTML syntax highlighting, a function list for all
>  open documents, incremental search, pop-up function
>  hints, and block (un)indentation.

"Gnome2" should be changed to one of:
 - GNOME (as GNOME should be capitalised, and GNOME 2.x is the only
          version available)
 - "" (in the case that you decide to remove it altogether)

Other than that, excellent.

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