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App-specific libraries (was: Re: Bug#218868: ITP: gphpedit -- PHP/HTML/CSS editor with syntax checking)

Hi Joe,

> "Gnome2" should be changed to one of:

Good point, changed now locally.

I hope to upload the initial package soon, but I've been held up with
library issues - gPHPEdit requires a patched version of GtkScintilla2,
and the fixes aren't being incorporated into the main tree for some
reason. So to upload gPHPEdit I somehow need to get a patched version of
GtkScintilla2 uploaded as well.

Question is, would it be reasonable to create a library package just for
gPHPEdit, perhaps something like 'libgtkscintilla-gphpedit', if upstream
for the main GtkScintilla2 don't incorporate the fixes? I'd rather not
add a whole new package just for this if I can avoid it, but it may be
the only way to make gPHPEdit work.

Cheers  :-)


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