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Re: Package libc6-dev depends on linux-kernel-headers

Otto Wyss <wyo@users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> Sorry this message go to the poster instead of the list.
>>>> There have always been some kernel headers in libc6-dev, they've
>>>> just been split out into a separate package now.  Several of
>>>> these headers are referenced by headers provided by glibc which
>>>> would break those headers if linux-kernel-headers is not
>>>> installed.
>>> I'd prefer the old way.
>> And can you give a substantive reason?  Without one your message
>> makes no sense.
> I didn't give a reason because it wouldn't change anything. I always
> download the kernel sources myself and build my kernel from
> scratch. I therefore don't want do download and install the header
> packages as well.

You did this all the time, the headers just were in libc6-dev up to
now.  The only difference is that the header files are in their own
package now.

> Besides which version of headers does libc6 use/need?

,----[ /usr/share/doc/libc6/FAQ.gz ]
| 1.8.    What version of the Linux kernel headers should be used?
| {AJ,UD} The headers from the most recent Linux kernel should be used.  The
| headers used while compiling the GNU C library and the kernel binary used
| when using the library do not need to match.  The GNU C library runs without
| problems on kernels that are older than the kernel headers used.  The other
| way round (compiling the GNU C library with old kernel headers and running
| on a recent kernel) does not necessarily work.  For example you can't use
| new kernel features if you used old kernel headers to compile the GNU C
| library.

,----[ /usr/share/doc/libc6/README.Debian.gz ]
| Q1: Why does the Debian libc6-dev package create /usr/include/linux and 
| /usr/include/asm directories containing header files from a specific 
| kernel, instead of using the "established" convention of making those 
| directories into symlinks pointing to the currently installed kernel?
| A1: Occasionally, changes in the kernel headers cause problems with
| the compilation of libc and of programs that use libc.  To ensure that
| users are not affected by these problems, we configure libc to use the
| headers from a kernel that is known to work with libc and the programs
| that depend on stable kernel headers.


Juergen Kreileder, Blackdown Java-Linux Team

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