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Re: improvements to apt: my thanks to the developers

Received Mon 03 Nov 2003  6:07am +1100 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton:
> ...
> so, with that background, i am absolutely DELIGHTED to note that
> apt has some additional information that it displays: it shows up
> the recommended and suggested packages.
> this is INCREDIBLY helpful because by installing one package i can
> go "hm, maybe i should add that, too".
> possible future improvements on this theme could include options,
> including in /etc/apt/apt.conf, to _always_ add the recommended
> packages to the list of packages to be installed.

I wanted something like this too, so I put it into wajig (a command
line front end to apt and friends):

      wajig installr xserver-xfree86

installs the package and all the recommended packages. Similarly

      wajig installs xserver-xfree86

for suggested packages. And for both:

      wajig installrs xserver-xfree86


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