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Re: Bug#217521: ITP: gtk-imonc -- A Client for the one-diskette router `fli4l', using Gtk-2

Johannes Rohr wrote:
Any objections against this variant? :

Description: control program for the one-diskette router fli4l
 Gtk-imonc is a remote control program for FLI4L, a popular
 Linux-based one-diskette DSL/ISDN-router (see
 http://www.fli4l.de/). Gtk-imonc works with version 2 of imond (the
 controlling daemon on the fli4l router). It integrates well into the
 GNOME desktop. (For other environments, separate clients exist. See
 Gtk-imonc displays, online status, traffic info, router status, calls
 and connections when logging is activated on the router.  You can
 control dialing, system shutdown, different circuits (LCR), channel
 bundling, hup-timeout of ipppd devices

Content looks excellent.

Just two comments:
It looks a little bit awkward to have the capital G on Gtk-imonc. Is that the way the upstream author spells it? I think the common method of writing descriptions doesn't require capitalising the proper name of the package when it's not normally capitalised by its authors.

The last paragraph is a little bit awkwardly formatted and worded, though, and it doesn't end. I suggest the following:

  Gtk-imonc displays the router's online status, traffic information,
  general status, calls and connections (when logging is activated on
  the router).  You can control dialing, system shutdown, different
  circuits (LCR), channel bundling and hup-timeout of ipppd devices.

Otherwise, well done!

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