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Re: Bug#217521: ITP: gtk-imonc -- A Client for the one-diskette router `fli4l', using Gtk-2

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> writes:

> Johannes Rohr wrote:
>>   Description     : A Client for the one-diskette router `fli4l', using Gtk-2
> "client for the one-diskette router fli4l"


> I think you can change the last sentence to "It integrates well into
> the GNOME desktop (separate clients which integrate well into KDE and
> WindowMaker also exist)."
> Are those other clients packaged? Maybe mention them by name.


Any objections against this variant? :

Description: control program for the one-diskette router fli4l
 Gtk-imonc is a remote control program for FLI4L, a popular
 Linux-based one-diskette DSL/ISDN-router (see
 http://www.fli4l.de/). Gtk-imonc works with version 2 of imond (the
 controlling daemon on the fli4l router). It integrates well into the
 GNOME desktop. (For other environments, separate clients exist. See
 Gtk-imonc displays, online status, traffic info, router status, calls
 and connections when logging is activated on the router.  You can
 control dialing, system shutdown, different circuits (LCR), channel
 bundling, hup-timeout of ipppd devices



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