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Re: Automating of localizations

>Petter Reinholdtsen dijo [Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 08:50:03AM +0100]:
>> > What should I do?
>> You should start by listing all valid time zones for the locale.
>Ok, I will send you a second patch for it. Things tend to change in
>this country, as the daylight savings are quite new - each year it
>changes a bit. Would you prefer having three entries (each for a major
>timezone in Mexico) or as many as there are registered mexican cities,
>even if they (currently) are in the same timezone?
>> The code need to be changed to handle multiple time zones properly.  I
>> suggest picking one of the zones as the default, but accepting any of
>> the zones in the list when checking if the currently set zone is
>> correct.  This would set a fairly reasonable default and leave it to
>> the user to change it if the default is wrong.  If the user do change
>> the default, later runs will not overwrite the selected zone.
>> Another way would be to add a debconf question, and ask which one of
>> the relevant zones to select.
>> Either way, we need to modify the code in addition to listing all the
>> relevant zones.
>Ok... I will at least do my part... But, I agree, this deserves a
>Debconf dialog - it is the only sane way I think of. I think that
>adding a third specifier (i.e. es_MX_MX, es_MX_HR, es_MX_TJ, etc.)
>would be too little standard. Besides, we would have to come up with a
>way to unpredictably mix es_MX_TJ and en_MX_TJ, as in the border
>cities in general (Tijuana [TJ] would be the most prominent example)
>half of what is said is said in English ;-)

I agree with the optional "third specifier". Something like this
already exists: according to the standard (I can send ptrs later, from home),
you can add modifiers, so instead of
es_MX_TJ, you would do es_MX@TJ.  There is no standard for
_what_ the modifiers are, IIRC.

If we add support, I recommend we use ISO-639-3 codes: these
are subdivision codes defined for regions in countries.
e.g. in france, departements, in Ireland, counties, in 
Germany, Land (spelling?).

We could add support to check for the subdivision, and 
use that to pick a better default; eg in the US, its hard to
pick a default timezone for the US as a whole, but more
straightforward for a given State (which is what is used for
the ISO-639-3 subvision in the US).


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