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Re: Automating of localizations

>[Tomohiro KUBOTA]
>> I am a maintainer of language-env.  I am glad if we can cooperate.
>This sounds good.  I send you an email a while ago, but did not see a
>reply.  Not sure if the email got lost.

>> Since I don't know at all about console fonts and keyboard settings
>> (since I am a Japanese speaker and there are no methods to configure
>> console for Japanese), I want help on these fields.
>I'm not to sure about console settings either.  The current
>locale-config-skolelinux do not set console font and keyboard.
>Console keyboard is set by debian-installer, so I saw no need to
>duplicate the work, and the console font is not properly set by any
>package.  base-config try to set it while running, but it will not
>make its setting permanent.

I had a fix in console-common to set the default console font to
a font supporting Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic (as done
by RedHat), but it appears that setting the font on the console
will change the vesa mode, if that has been set at the kernel level. ie if someone
had chosen an 80x40 screen mode, then setting the font (which has a 16p size),
change the screen size
back to 80x25, which was not liked.

Similarly, if the system locale was set to Greek, for example,
a greek font should be chosen.

I'm working on a fix to detect this, and conditionally set the
font in Sarge.

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