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Re: Automating of localizations

[Tomohiro KUBOTA]
> I am a maintainer of language-env.  I am glad if we can cooperate.

This sounds good.  I send you an email a while ago, but did not see a
reply.  Not sure if the email got lost.

> Since I don't know at all about console fonts and keyboard settings
> (since I am a Japanese speaker and there are no methods to configure
> console for Japanese), I want help on these fields.

I'm not to sure about console settings either.  The current
locale-config-skolelinux do not set console font and keyboard.
Console keyboard is set by debian-installer, so I saw no need to
duplicate the work, and the console font is not properly set by any
package.  base-config try to set it while running, but it will not
make its setting permanent.

> I have some questions.  Does the whole locale-config-skolelinux
> package have a list of "supported packages" and then each supported
> package has a list of supported languages?  Or, does the whole
> locale-config-skolelinux package have a list of "supported languages"
> and then each language governs which packages to support?

Both.  You can run 'update-locale -l' to list the supported languages,
and their supported subsystems.  The implementation consist of several
small scripts for each type of configuration, and each script have a
list of languages it supports.

> I think the latter way is better, because popular (or usable)
> packages are different between languages.  For example, 8bit
> softwares are useless for multibyte people.  There may be more
> accidental difference, for example, that zsh is popular than bash in
> a country where a popular magazine in that country had an article of
> zsh.

If a language is not supported by a specific package/program, the
language should not be listed in the script handling that package.

> Also, some language-specific configurations are not able to be
> completely automated because they are based on user preferences,
> like which Japanese input engine to be used, while all Japanese
> people want to use one of Japanese input engines.

Yes.  This also apply to timezone selection in large countries.  I'm
not sure how this is best handled.

> BTW, why do KDE and Opera need locale configuration?  I imagine a
> common configuration -- LANG variable -- should be enough.

In a perfect future world, perhaps.  But it does not work yet. :)
Until it does, we have to handle them separately.

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