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Re: Brief descriptions in menu entries

Quoting Ben Burton (bab@debian.org):

> Windows users typically have somewhat less software installed because of
> its non-free nature.

Hmmmm, well, looking at several friends computers, I think I would

You'll often find Start Menu/Programs cluttered with dozens of
subfolders and Shortcuts.....

Moreover, as Windows users are often quite clueless about managing
their computers contents, they don't really know  the Good Way to
properly manage this whole stuff....and then let dozens of SETUP.EXE
mess up their menus....

Of course, the poor quality of most Windows software (mostly coming
from the poor quality of windoze programmers) makes uninstalling often
a pain....

This doesn't add a lot to the original proposal, however.. :-)

I think that the original proposal has some idea somewhere and deserve
some thinking.

I'm in favour of it, with a possibility to deactivate the "extended
description" in menus.

Thus, as usual with most Unix software, when two methods exist for
dealing with something, we leave the choice to the most appropriate
person : the local sysadmin...or even the user...or both.

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