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pose bug

On Oct 25, Juan Manuel Garcia Molina (juanma@debian.org) wrote:
 > Hi.
 > I'd like to share with you an issue on pose package and a grave functionality 
 > bug.
 > So the story begins: pose is a 'Palm OS Emulator' package. The last version in 
 > sid doesn't work because of a grave functionality bug [1].
 > The previous version of the package was compiled using gcc 2.95 and the 
 > version 1.0 of the fltk library, and everything was almost O.K.. Last version 
 > in sid was compiled using gcc 3.3 and fltk 1.1, and the packages build works 
 > nicely but the application doesn't.
 > I've been a few weeks trying to solve the problem, but I'm not able to fix the 
 > problem. I forwarded the bug to upstream author, but pose is an abandoned 
 > project.
 > So, once the problem is exposed, there are two possible alternatives:
 > A) Fix the bug: As I said before, help is welcome. If you can help me to fix 
 > the bug, I'd be very glad.
 > B) Upload a package that works, but using gcc 2.95 and fltk 1.0.
 > I'd like to hear your opinions on this issue.

I'd revert to gcc 2.95 so there is a working package, then continue trying to
get it to work with 3.3.  2.95 is still the recommended compiler for the
2.4 kernel, so it's not about to go away.

Neil Roeth

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