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Re: Closing bugs such as 210560

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 09:42:12PM -0700, Paul Telford wrote:
> The buglog says it "might" be closed in 3.1.4.  To me, that's not the same
> as "believe"ing its closed.
> KDE is a large and complex set of packages, but that doesn't change the 
> rules of the BTS, IMO.

I've experienced the annoyance of having a popular package and I'd be
inclined to look the other way at dubious bug handling practices WRT those.
However, mass-closing bugs without at least some attempt to reproduce them
with the new version beforehand is just too opportunist. And it's not like
it's particularly beneficial -- people will just reopen or refile them again
-- or particularly necessary because if old bugs get in the way of a
package's progress into testing, the maintainer just has to assign a more
sensible severity to them.

Recently I went through xmms' bug list and merged or closed half a dozen old
bugs, but the rest of it is still there, reproducible in the latest version.
I've simply had to learn to not get bothered about them. :)

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