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Re: Other nethack options

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003, Lukas Geyer wrote:
> Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:
> > It's trivial to reconfigure it in nethack's option screen, just like any
> > other option. I'm not sure why this one should be special.
hjkl is extremely newbie-unfriendly.
Arrows require the player to manually turn NumLock on.
Both things need some action from a first-time user (be it reading the 
help files, or finding out NumLock needs to be on).

> > IMO, leave it at the upstream default; you'll surprise nethack players
> > coming from non-Debian systems less that way. And it's not like nethack
> > doesn't have a host of other quirks. :)
> Right, that reminds me of a default option which I always change,
> namely pickup_types. I don't know what the default is at the moment
> (in woody it seems to be just $), but IMHO things to be auto-pickuped
> are "$!?+/=,
WONDERFUL idea!  A good default for the newbies, and it would save old 
players from having to set this by hand!

> and some characters might even leave out the spellbooks,
Due to their weight, not uselessness.  Even for a barb, it's easier to 
charm those archons than to whack them hand-to-hand.

> though one can at least sell them for decent money.
Uh oh, it's vanilla nethack, not slashem.  What do you need money for 
(apart from the priests, who want it in big heaps anyway)?  You can wait
until you can smash the shopkeeps yourself or feed them to a dragon...

> Making nethack
> options debconf question seems a bit silly to me, but I don't see why
> we should stick to upstream defaults when they are wrong...
Hell yeah.  Besides, IIRC the upstream default is autopickup everything...

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