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Re: <no subject>

Jens Goedeke wrote:
sorry if this is not the correct address for feature requests, but I
don't know where to send this mail to.

I've installed a debian system (knoppix 3.2) with kernel 2.4.20 on my
toshiba laptop (satellite pro 2100). Under KDE in any application
I've got a offen occuring repeating error. If I hit a key the letter
somethimes appears up to 3 times (with only one hit). This problem is
know by some developers... (http://www.met.ed.ac.uk/~hcp/t9000.html
-> "Dealing with the bouncy keys" ) (I found further instructions who
tell me to edit the keyboard.c and recompile the kernel) But I'm no
system adminstrator and have not the knowlege to recompile a whole

So I want you to ask, if a further release (>2.4.20) has implemented
this bugfix so that I'm able to reinstall the whole release (that's
quite easier for me).

The correct mailing list is <debian-user@lists.debian.org>.

The 2.6 kernel (still in development) is much better, although not perfect, about suppressing these spurious keys. If you aren't technical, perhaps the best solution is to wait for a version of Knoppix that has the new kernel.

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