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Re: Bug#215556: ITP: gsysutils -- Set of utilities useful to system administrators

Mathieu Roy wrote:
> The current sysutils contains:
>  * procinfo - Displays system information from /proc (v17).
>  *   memtest - Test system memory for errors (v2.93.1).
>  *  bogomips - Shows the current bogomips rating without rebooting (v1.2).
>  * tofromdos - Converts DOS <-> Unix text files (v1.4).
> http://packages.debian.org/stable/utils/sysutils.html
> (anyway what's the difference between tofromdos and
> dos2unix/unix2dos?)  

Curiosity got me.  I pulled the source and looked.

One is a program and the others are symlinks to it.  They are aliases
to the same program providing different names.

        ln -s fromdos $(tempdir)/$(package)/usr/bin/todos
        ln -s fromdos $(tempdir)/$(package)/usr/bin/dos2unix
        ln -s fromdos $(tempdir)/$(package)/usr/bin/unix2dos


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