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Re: netkit-inetd in sarge

On Sat, Oct 18, 2003 at 11:04:31AM +1000, Andrew Pollock wrote:

> To cap it off, the discard service seems to be enabled out of the box. So
> is daytime. Daytime's not too bad, but discard? I personally believe we
> should be shipping sarge such that it installs offering the smallest
> number of network services by default, and the user should explicitly
> enable the ones they want. I can't see any reason for the discard service
> on an Internet facing box in this day and age.

I would like to see inetd leave the base system as well, but what problem
could you possibly have with the discard service?

> My personal preference would be for xinetd to be the default inet daemon
> installed, as if you use Red Hat's model of having an /etc/xinet.d/ (or
> whatever it is) it becomes trivial to be able to manage 
> (de)activation of individual services offered by xinetd.

It's pretty trivial with netkit-inetd as well; you edit /etc/inetd.conf and
comment out what you don't want.

> I've got a bit of spare time up my sleeves at the moment, and would like 
> to help make netkit-inetd not part of a base install. What would it take?


 - mdz

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