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Re: My Economist subscription

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 13:40:53 -0700, "William H. Gaddes" <gaddes@uvic.ca>

> Re: Economist subscription of W.H.Gaddes
>         Today in the mail I received a card entitled 'Customer Service
> Reply'. It stated that they could not locate my September 20 payment
> and asked me to call your customer service office "at the number
> below". There was no number any where on the card so I looked up your
> customer service on the internet and there were several addresses so I
> picked the one above with the hope that this would get to the right
> person.


>         If you want more clarification please provide me with an
>         e-mail
> address or a phone number for the person with whom I should
> communicate.

You perhaps should contact the publishers of the Economist. ;)

Or subscribe to the Financial Times. ;)

(cc'd, since this is probably a legitimate mistake.)

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