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My Economist subscription

Re: Economist subscription of W.H.Gaddes

        Today in the mail I received a card entitled 'Customer Service
Reply'. It stated that they could not locate my September 20 payment and
asked me to call your customer service office "at the number below". There
was no number any where on the card so I looked up your customer service on
the internet and there were several addresses so I picked the one above with
the hope that this would get to the right person.

        Summary:    On September 15 I mailed a check for $ 72.23 and you
received it
                              because I have received the cancelled check
from my bank. On                                           the back of the
check there are several numbers and "Bank One, CO.
                              Denver, CO." There are several numbers which
no doubt have meaning                               for the Bank.

        Some one in your organization has given me credit for the check
because the date on         my address label has been changed from 'Sept 20
03' to 'Feb. 28  04'.

        If you want more clarification please provide me with an e-mail
address or a phone number for the person with whom I should communicate.


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