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Re: The sense of automake (Was: Processed: better make that 1.7.8... :-()

Sam Hocevar wrote:
> ... or fix the timestamps of the various auto* files before calling
> configure. Use something like this: (order is important)
>         touch configure.ac \ (or configure.in)
>          && touch aclocal.m4 \
>          && touch configure \
>          && touch config.h.in \ (or whatever is in AM_CONFIG_HEADER)
>          && touch `find . -name Makefile.in` (and other *.in files)
>         ./configure $(FLAGS)...
>    See also /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz

Which says:
> Proper ordering of the touch commands is extremely important, so you
> must enforce it using the '&&'.  Get it wrong, and you will break the
> build.  Miss one file you need to touch, and you will have a lurking
> problem waiting to spring on you.

I think the autotools-dev README needs to be updated because the
example does not seem quite right.

If that is the intent then the -c, --no-create options to touch should
probably be used.  Otherwise touch won't fail in the case of the error
the README was concerned about.  In which case the && chaining is not

        touch --no-create configure.ac \
         && touch --no-create aclocal.m4 \
         && touch --no-create configure \
         && touch --no-create config.h.in \
         && touch --no-create $(find . -name Makefile.in)


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