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Re: The sense of automake (Was: Processed: better make that 1.7.8... :-()

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Santiago Vila wrote:

> In general, Debian source packages should not need to build-depend on
> automake. In theory, the author should already care to create an
> original tarball with all the required things already created
> (in fact, it is part of GNU standards that packages should not depend
> on autoconf, automake, etc. to build).
I would love to do so but it happened to me that the files I created seem
to depend from automake.  I do not call any automake script - just
the usual
       configure; make; make install
but I had to add a build-dependency from automake according to #171869.
Since then I have to fight against automake versions on different architectures.
I'm perfectly able to compile the wordnet package on i386 without any automake
installed and I would love if other architectures would be clever enough
to compile also without this stuff.  Any patches are welcome which would
successfully remove automake* build dependency on *every* architecture.

Kind regards


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