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Re: debian-postgresql list closed and postgresql problem

On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 14:42, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi,
> there was a debian-postgresql list but it seems to have died ... :-(

There is now (as of 2 days ago) an Alioth project for the Debian
packaging, and it has a mailing list: 

> I compiled the Woody backport 7.3.4-2.woody.2 from Oliver on a Sparc machine.
> When I used the normal stable 7.2.1-2woody package I was able to connect via
> TCP/IP.  When I installed the backport mentioned above I did not changed any
> configuration file but TCP/IP connections even from localhost failed.
> First I had
>    # grep tcpip /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf
>    tcpip_socket = on
> I detected a change in the syntax of this file for more recent postgresql versions
> and changed to
>    # grep tcpip /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf
>    tcpip_socket = true

That shouldn't make any difference.  I think both forms are accepted.

> But on both systems a
>    > psql -h localhost template1
> fails. (I did not changed the port and also
>    > psql -p 5432 -h localhost template1
> fails as well.
> Any hint whether there is a general problem on Sparc?

I haven't heard of  a Sparc problem.

Is there anything in the log? (/var/log/postgresql/postgres.log) or in

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