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Re: Forgive me

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 03:53:06AM -0700, salah rahhal wrote:
> Hi there I'm Salah and i tried many times to get the
> serial number for my software demo from 
> the resource, but unfortunately the server rejected my
> e.mail because they want (not free 
> e.mail) to contact me ,,so i searched the web for any
> real e.mail to feed back the installation 
> site, and by chance i tried your e.mail (by
> chance)..so please if you will receive the serial 
> number or any information regarding this download
> reply it to me on this e.mail...and 

Ha, ha, this really brightened my day. What kind of award does this
issue qualify for? :)

Perhaps I'd better send all my passwords and serial numbers here. In
case my hard disk crashes I can always recover it from the mailing list
archives. SCNR.


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