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Re: Uploader field in debian/control?

Magosányi Árpád <mag@bunuel.tii.matav.hu> wrote:
> In the policy manual there is no mention of the Uploader field of
> debian/control. (version

> In the developers' reference I read:

> * Add the co-maintainer's correct maintainer name and address to the
> Uploaders field in the global part of the debian/control file

> It seemed to me that only the fields explicitly mentioned and those
> starting with X should be in the control files, but I cannot find
> it explicitly stated.

> Did I miss something?

| Additional user-defined fields may be added to the source package
| control file. Such fields will be ignored, and not copied to (for
| example) binary or source package control files or upload control
| files.

You only need the X-stuff if the "unsupported field" should end up in
the package control files. However Uploaders ends up in the dsc file
and is not unsupported. Afaict you are right, I'll try to come up with
a patch.
               cu andreas
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