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Re: Packaging sysfsutils: static library?


On 2003-10-13 15:26 +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
>  >It is a separate upstream package.
> Then feel free to package it, as long as I keep udev I don't mind. :-)

Okay :-) We only have to get the dependencies right, as long as
libsysfs provides only a shared lib, udev should build-depend on it. I
will contact you when I switch to a shared library. Agreed?

> Back to the topic, I think you should discuss with the upstream author
> the reasons for having no shared library. If he is only waiting for a
> stable ABI then I think you should really keep the library static.

I sent a mail to upstream two days ago, but didn't receive an answer
yet. I will wait with uploading (or rather, looking for a sponsor)
until I get an answer or run out of patience (maybe after a week of

Have a nice day!


BTW: No need to CC me, I'm subscribed (see mail-followup-to).

Martin Pitt
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