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Re: Packaging sysfsutils: static library?

On Oct 13, Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> wrote:

 >> BTW, I may have been missing something as I did not read the beginning
 >> of this thread, but I don't see the point of packaging sysfsutils:
 >It is a separate upstream package.
Then feel free to package it, as long as I keep udev I don't mind. :-)

Back to the topic, I think you should discuss with the upstream author
the reasons for having no shared library. If he is only waiting for a
stable ABI then I think you should really keep the library static.

 >> (which I ITP'ed some weeks ago) 
 >Am I missing something? bugs.d.o/wnpp does not contain the word
 >'udev' and only once 'sysfs' (#215257, the ITP I'm talking about). I
Probably I only sent mail to debian-devel, I was expecting to upload it

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Marco | [2365 acrToiAT0AyME]

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