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Re: recent spam to this list

Julian Mehnle <lists@mehnle.net> wrote:
> (Bernhard, please excuse the accidental CC!)

> Bernhard R. Link wrote:
>> * Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@iki.fi> [031012 20:25]:
>> > Second hint: If you insist on your right to forge your email address,
>> > anyone else can forge your address as well. Is that a right you really
>> > need?
>> It's about to *use* an e-mail address, not about forging one...

> It's about forging an e-mail sender's identity.  By preventing the
> unauthorized use of domains as the sender domain of e-mails, most of
> the practiced cases of identity forgery are prevented.

If I send an e-mail over mail.nusrf.at with envelope-from
ametzler@logic.univie.ac.at I am _not_ forging anything or making
"unauthorized use of domains"
            cu andreas

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