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Re: language-chooser: Language order shouldn't be alphabetical

On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 07:20:58PM +0200, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> > I'm sure it'd be nice to educate users on every little bit of technology
> > running their computer, but users simply shouldn't need to know what
> > "en_US" means, and "English (United States)" makes a lot more sense.
> Well, it is a long way until you do not need to know that, for operating
> Linux. I mean hell, even windows uses "EN" and "DE" as the keyboard language
> indicator or preferenced browser languages.

I had never even typed "en_US" until I started playing with UTF-8 a couple
years ago.

And even if it was "a long way", which it certainly isn't: displaying
readable language/country combinations in programs like "language-chooser"
is a simple solution.

> And I think it is good, that debian still leaves me the option to be a
> knowledgeable computer user. For example picking a charset by id
> (ISO8859-15, latin9) more comfortable than the Windows way of saying
> "Charset used in western Europe". Please keep it that way.

Certainly having an option to select these things is useful, and nobody
is suggesting that be disallowed.  I see no good reason to force them on
users, however.  I wouldn't even show encodings at all unless the user asks
for a complete display.

Allowing advanced users to be advanced users is not mutually exclusive
with allowing casual users to be casual users.  Don't try to force
casual users to become advanced users.

Glenn Maynard

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