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Re: Quote: Debian and Democracy at Advocato.org

Well... After a little bit more research I found a good email about this
in debian mentors. 

Maybe this thread is not needed anymore. Sorry.



Em Qua, 2003-10-08 às 16:25, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
> I think this should be clearly discussed.
> Original link at:
> http://www.advogato.org/article/716.html
> Debian and Democracy
> Posted 7 Oct 2003 by exa (Master)
> Two unrelated words. From experience. 
> Now, what is the problem with debian? It's because debian claims to be
> democratic, but it isn't. It claims to be open, but it isn't open. It
> has a "secret" mailing list. And some guys who are in charge never
> change, like James Troup who is basically a village idiot. Now, in an
> open organization there are no dictators, but in debian there is. James
> Troup gets to decide who can get an account all by himself. Project
> leader changes, but he doesn't change. He is the administrator of
> everything. He is Mr. Debian.
> I'll make a summary for you guys who wonder what debian really is.
> 1. I volunteered to make some packages for debian. 2. I applied for an
> account 3. I got into a few flamewars in debian-devel 4. I had so many
> packages that it became too time consuming to deal with them without an
> account. 5. I waited for the account, it wasn't opened. (Because I must
> have pissed off Mr. Debian or one of his buddies) 6. I waited for many
> months, and wrote several times that I needed to account to do some
> meaningful work 7. Meanwhile James Troup, the idiot elmo of debian, told
> me "you need to get 5 sponsors blah blah" I found 4, but they scared out
> every 5th one! I was at a later time told that it was a way of rejecting
> my application by one of the other idiots. 8. It was 2 years of wait. 9.
> Then, some of them tell me "well if you maintain your packages we'll
> consider the account". But I didn't back off from my position. I said I
> needed an account first. 9. Today these idiots write to me, we reject
> your application because you didn't maintain your packages and got into
> some flamewars.
> Well, for those who don't know debian lists have always been full of
> flamewars and I did apologize to people whom I had arguments with except
> a moron called Branden Robinson. I also heavily criticized James Troup
> because I thought he wasn't performing his duties. Anyway, it's obvious
> that he had a problem with me, and now I have a problem with him because
> his action confirms what I had suspected of him.
> So, why am I writing this? To cause these fools to write rebuttals full
> of poor rhetoric which are so typical of them? No. It's because I think
> the really enthusiastic members of debian project should find ways to
> make their project more open and more democratic. I don't want to
> contribute to the project any longer, if I had wanted I would have
> maintained my packages for the last 1.5 years despite that moron called
> elmo. I was frustrated by the issues I've summarized, so I decided to
> wait and see when this idiot would reject my application. Then, I could
> voice my opinion.
> Well, here it goes.
> </QUOTE>
> P.S.: I'm in NM process for more than 1,5 years. I've requested for
> sponsor for packages, but got no answer. The last action was a phone
> call that (because of my not-so-good english) was a little pointless,
> and then I've got no answer again. I personally sent and email to DAM
> asking if I should ask again for sponsor or if should I wait to become a
> developer and I got no answer.

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