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Re: Where are we now? (Was: Bits from the RM)

* Steve Langasek (vorlon@netexpress.net) wrote:
> It's been noted several times that the end of the 0-day NMU period was
> accompanied by a marked reversal in the RC bug graph.  I think it's time
> for a group debriefing of this experience.  I was pleasantly surprised
> to have not heard of a single complaint about bad NMUs during this
> period, either personally in response to my own NMUs or on the lists.

Where have *you* been?  The (attempted) NMU of epplets was *terrible*.

a) The NMUer got the *copyright* information wrong and just made all of
   epplets appear as if under the GPL when it's certainly not (and the
   primary authors do *not* like the GPL at all).  Prior to the NMU the
   copyright information was correct (portions under a BSD-style
   license, and one specific module under the GPL).

b) The NMUer *never* sent any patch to the BTS even though quite a few
   changes were done which I had to track down (including the copyright

c) Only some of the bugs which the NMUer fixed (amazing that any 
   actually were) were marked as having been fixed in NMU.

d) The NMUer apparently had a total lack of understanding when it came
   to autoconf/libtool since he pretty much arbitrairly added them as
   Build-Depends when they didn't need to be.

   And epplets isn't exactly a hard thing to package.

   Thankfully that was the only package of mine that was NMU'd.


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