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Which packages will hold up the release?


You might ignore this comment...
Looking at the list of RC bugs the packages seems to fall in two
categories. Packages I don't use and packages I don't feel comfortable
in touching (glibc being an example of the latter).

I don't know the reason for some packages being marked [REMOVE] but it
seems to me that it is not just an 'This package is not essential for
a releas an useful distribution'. For an example I don't guess that
gkrellm-alltraxclock[0] is in any way a package that people think
should really hold up the release.

0) Sorry, just a random pick.


There are some packages we should have if we want Debian to be a
general purpose distribution. I guess we can have a long flamewar
about which packages this includes and in the end it is the release
manager's decission but it is probally something like:

 - whatever in the Base Utils-section
 - Gnome
 - KDE
 - nethack
 - apache
 - XFree
 - ssh
 - Mozilla (some sort of)
 - Emacs (some sort of)
 - VI (some sort of)
 - Perl
 - LaTeX
 - ... And then some pacakges I've forgot...

And then depencies and build-depancies for these packages is needed
too. Has anyone tried to make such list of packages we can't release
without and made a list of RC-bugs in excatly those packages?

I believe this is the bugs it would be most effective to actack when
the packages I'm personally directly interested in. It can be hard to
look at the RC-list and decide if the time is better spend fixing
libtse3, libvorbisfile3, or fam.

A script that reads packages I'm interested in and prints out the
RC-bugs I should try to fix would be usable. Does anyone have such

Is this an egoistic approach to fixing RC-bugs? Yeah, and so what?
 - it is the best possible motivation I can think of.


You might as well ignore this comment too...

I really shouldn't send this mail. It will probally just (re)start
some flamewar. Let me have the illusion that the time spend flaminig
wouldn't have been used on real development otherwise.


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