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Re: killing virus e-mails with file types

> I do it in an even simpler way (keep in mind I don't really have bandwidth
> limitations).  I have my mail filter (kmail) set up so it trashes any mail
> message with the string ".exe", ".pif", ".bat", or ".scr".

That's good method I think, unless someone sends you .exe which you
want to receive :)

> .bat or .scr files (I assume .scr is an extension for windows scripts?).

.scr is an extension of Screensaver, but because that's normal executable,
it can contain a trojan horse, or other dangerous content.

> However, I find it hard to think of legitimate reasons for someone to send
> me an executable file.

However, even if someone wants to send an executable, he can just
pack it with zip/gzip/whatever.


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