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Re: Debian should not modify the kernels!

martin f krafft wrote:
MFK> make-kpkg and kernel-patches/modules work just fine with vanilla
MFK> sources.

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
MDZ> Except with --initrd.

Doesn't this have to do with the cramfs patch?  Wasn't this patch
rejected by Linus for some reason?  IIRC, the cramfs patch is something
very specific to Debian kernels and is a workaround for a cramfs bug.

I did a google search on this because I wasn't familiar w/the
current/past discussion on the topic.  It looks like our reference
documentation actually touches on this topic[1].  In any case, --initrd
can be configured to use a different filesystem for the initrd in
/etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.rc file.

Could someone explain why we still use the cramfs route if it's not
being adopted by the kernel gods in general?  Is there a more "accepted"
filesystem that gives us the benefits of cramfs?  I saw one person
suggest ISO.  ext2 works fine.  Perhaps cramfs' size profile was
the smallest in the kernel, which made it a good solution for Debian?

1. http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch_kernel.en

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