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Re: Debian should not modify the kernels!


Am 2003-09-22 12:13 +0200 schrieb Bernhard R. Link:
> Speaking as a user, too, I want something I can compile a kernel from.
> I'm no kernel hacker and do not intend to become one. Thus I see
> absolutely no reason, why I should want a debian-package with a
> unmodified source-tree. 

I agree. I never use Debian kernel packages anyway and even if they
were unpatched, they were only of little use to _me_ (apart from
problems like faster mirror/cd distributions). However, they might be
useful to people using make-kpkg and patch packages to get the right
dependencies and ease the download. Thus I would not vote to throw
them out completely.

> So your complain reduces in my eyes to an incomplete label.

Partly. But it also extends to the technical level: When shipping
kernel-patch packages, then Debian should have a common codebase to
diff against; the straightforward choice is IMHO the pristine upstream
version, shipped in a kernel package.

> Escecially as an unmodified source-tree is in my experience almost
> only useful for i386. 

I don't know much about other arches, but patching the source tree is
certainly arch independent. The i386 won't help if a grsecurity patch
does not apply because the source is messed up and the user does not
know about it (since it _claimed_ to be the original code).

Platform-specific patches should certainly go into the Debian default
installation kernel, but that is a completely different issue.
Have a nice day!

Martin Pitt
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