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Re: The size of debian packages

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 07:34, Andrew Lyon wrote:

> Since installing Debian in May the amount of disk space required for my OS
> has risen from 1.5GB to 3GB and has reached the limit of the partition.  
> I don't really want to allocate any more space to the OS as I'm sure there
> must be stuff there that I do not need or use (I admit to running dselect
> a little to liberally in the past!). How can I find out the sizes of the
> packages and try to establish what I can remove without disaster. I tried 

Consider also not just what packages are installed but other things that
could be using space: logs, caches etc. Not too many machines would have
3GB of actual packages installed unless you'd been *really* liberal with
dselect  ;-)

Do an 'apt-get clean' (or 'apt-get autoclean'), then check disk usage
again. And maybe try 'ls -lhS | head' and 'du -h --max-depth=1' in a few
places like /var/log, and get rid of big/old/rotated logfiles. I suspect
you'll find there are plenty of places you can recover space that way.

Cheers  :-)


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