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Re: eek, phpgroupware

On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 04:59:57PM +0000, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> I have some phpgw packages ready at <http://vman.de/debian/>. They seem to fix some
> of the more pressing problems in phpgw/sid, however they don't correspond to Luca's
> package split.

At this point it doesn't matter any more: i dont' want to care phpgroupware
any longer.
I can review your package and eventually upload them by the end of this week.
I also can be an uploader/sponsor for your packages untill you'll able to
upload them by your self or trough some other developer just more interested
then me.

Any one willing to step in is wellcome.

> Anyhow, my lack of response (hopefully resolved by end of next week) is not a result
> of disinterest or anything, but rather of lack of connectivity. I'm very honored by
> Luca's offer and intend to accept once I'm able to communicate and build debian
> packages again. (But I just found this mail in the haystack of 400 Spam mails,
> teaches me about client-side filtering...)

By now, is good enough and the week end is a good timespan IMHO.

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