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Re: Debian policy about "experimental" ?

On Sun, 21 Sep 2003, jjluza wrote:

> I read this :
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2003/
> debian-devel-announce-200308/msg00010.html
> So we should put development packages (like cvs snapshot) in experimental, not
> in unstable. But there is a problem, and I don't find any solution to solve
> it. For example, let's take mozilla and mozilla-snapshot packages :
> - the first one has a version number (1.4) higher than the second one
> (0.0....)
> - the second one is obviously more recent than the first one.
> The announcement tells we should get out "-snapshot" from the name of the
> package, before puting it in experimental.
> So there is no difference in the package name anymore.
> So now, since cvs package version is 0.0.date, apt always ask for upgrading to
> an older version (the stable one : 1.4 for mozilla).
> I'm right, or do I make a mistake ? If I'm right, What is the solution ?

If the snaphots are betas for version 1.5, the solution is to give it
a version number like 2:1.4.20030921-1, so that whenever 1.5 is
officially released you can upload it to unstable as 2:1.5-1.

[ If the snapshots are betas for 1.4.1, use 2: instead, etc. ]

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