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Debian policy about "experimental" ?

Hi all,

I read this :

So we should put development packages (like cvs snapshot) in experimental, not 
in unstable. But there is a problem, and I don't find any solution to solve 
it. For example, let's take mozilla and mozilla-snapshot packages :
- the first one has a version number (1.4) higher than the second one 
- the second one is obviously more recent than the first one.

The announcement tells we should get out "-snapshot" from the name of the 
package, before puting it in experimental.
So there is no difference in the package name anymore.
So now, since cvs package version is 0.0.date, apt always ask for upgrading to 
an older version (the stable one : 1.4 for mozilla).

I'm right, or do I make a mistake ? If I'm right, What is the solution ?

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