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Re: Horrific new levels of changelog abuse

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 08:07:00PM +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:
> > 
> > On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 05:45:53PM -0400, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> >> This is starting to happen far too often for my comfort, so I feel the need
> >> to rant a bit.
> > 
> > He's just following the fine example set by Herbert Xu.
> No he is not.  As usual you're producing drivel about things that you
> don't understand.

I understand your example perfectly.  I simply disagree with it --

> For the benefit of those who have not read the previous discussions,
> my position is that the Debian changelog should document all Debian
> changes, whether or not they happen to fix bugs in the BTS.

We share ground there.

> The changes refered in the message that started this thread certainly
> looked like Debian changes so they should have been documented.

The changes weren't documented at all.  One would have to go look up
each bug number in the BTS to find out one way or the other.

> What I oppose to is the ad-hoc listing of upstream changes when they
> happen to close bugs in the BTS.

And I, and a lot of other developers, oppose the ad-hoc listing of
Debian bug reports which are closed by Debian changelog messages without
further explanation to the submitter.

In any case, my reference to you was for the purpose of indicating your
elevation of personal preference over commonly accepted practice, not
the particulars of your changelogs' pathology.

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