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Re: dpkg-dev 1.10.11 incompatible changes.

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> I could. dpkg-buildpackage did it without any error.

Of course.  You can do it all you like.  You can place the debs anywhere you
like.  You can give them to your friends, your enemies, anyone you please.
There are no problems in doing so.

You just can't upload them to debian proper.

> Did you intend to say "You may not?". That is fair enough if it
> documented, i.e. there is a list in /usr/share/doc/dpkg/DO_NOT:

With the above reasoning, this file would be worthless.  dpkg(and friends)
implement more, and accept more, than what debian policy demands of packages.
dpkg(and friends) are not about to start enforcing debian policy.

> * Though shalt not use '~' version numbers until sarge is released

This is a policy issue.  It has no bearing on dpkg(and friends).

> * Though shalt not use comments in debian/control, until ...
> ...

* You can use comments now.

The only thing that reads debian/control are scripts during a
dpkg-buildpackage run.  Those scripts then either create a .dsc, or
debian/tmp/DEBIAN/control.  When creating these output files, the comments are
removed, so no issues exist with any external tools.

* Using [] specifiers on per-package paragraph depends lines.

The same reasoning that applies to comments applies to this feature.

> I know that these things are already implicitely verboten, because
> policy does not allow them, but if dpkg-* supports them and additional
> warning is helpful.

If we couldn't do something because policy didn't allow it, then nothing new
would ever be added.

>       cu and- doubting that katie/jennifer/whatever will reject
>               uploads with comments in debian/control -reas

They don't care, as they don't read debian/control.

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