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Re: translations and the ddtp

(CC to i18n list, which I suggest we move this thread to)

Quoting Bartosz Fe?ski aka fEnIo (fenio@o2.pl):

> > Moreover, if you really want me to state my feeling about the ddtp, I don't
> > feel it really reliable. The web page is a nightmare to navigate since there
> > is so much broken links. It is also very very difficult to translate, since
> > all translations are in the same wml file (that's exactly the broken design
> > po-debconf solves for debconf). That's kind of sad that people commited to
> > translations did such an internationalisation error.
> So can someone tell me what is the best way to translate those
> templates? Do I have to learn new way of committing translations via
> ddtp? Why there is no CVS server with these templates?

Which templates are you talking of?

If you ask for debconf templates, the very best is using the i18n
pages as status pages and for grabbing sources files, then translate
the po file to your language, then send a BR with the translated file
attached.....then wait for the maintainer.... :-)

I do not recommend using the DDTP for debconf templates, for the exact
reasons Martin Quison mentioned earlier in this thread.

You just need to coordinate with your own language team (polish for
you, I guess). Translating alone is not enough. A good proofreading is
also very important for the quality of the work.

The status pages I mentioned above :

for debconf templates using the new format (with po files)

for old-style debconf templates (slowly vanishing)

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