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libqt3 and soname problems...


Since Qt is a C++ library, the soname Qt needs to get bumped *every*
time a class is changed - that is, a function is added, deleted
OR changed. Well, at least the virtual classes AFAIK.

IF it was a C only library, the soname is only changed when an
interface is either deleted or changed.

I do not believe that it is right to have 
libqt3c102 or whatever. You should call the package
libqt3_2_1 or something like that and that name should
get changed for every single new release.

Trolltech would have you believe that the library is binary
compatible with the previous version and it is, on Windows when
the library is running as a DLL. On Linux, when you change a 
class, you pretty much change the size of the virtual table
causing binary incompatibilities.

Just see the bug against MySQL CC,


It was compiled against 3.1.2 but fails against 3.2.1

The wrong soname warrants a critical bug against Qt, so I just
would like to know if there is some special privilege for
Qt or something... Anyone?


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