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Re: libqt3 and soname problems...

Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> wrote:
> Since Qt is a C++ library, the soname Qt needs to get bumped *every*
> time a class is changed - that is, a function is added, deleted
> OR changed. Well, at least the virtual classes AFAIK.

> IF it was a C only library, the soname is only changed when an
> interface is either deleted or changed.

> I do not believe that it is right to have 
> libqt3c102 or whatever. You should call the package
> libqt3_2_1 or something like that and that name should
> get changed for every single new release.

I assume that /you/ know that as you invested some time in this
posting, but I think it is worth pointing out anyway, as comparing
"libqt3c102" with "libqt3_2_1" seems to be misleading: libfoo2c102 is
not the 102nd release of libfoo2 but supposed to be libfoo2 recompiled
to use the new C++ ABI in Gcc 3.x.

I refrain from saying something about the real subject of your mail as
I am not familiar with qt's ABI.
            cu andreas

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