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Re: Done (was Re: [mass bug filing?] Short descriptions being used as long descriptions and other policy violations)

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Santiago Vila wrote:

> Unfortunately, your automated reports are based on something which I
> consider a fallacy, namely, that an extended description having a
> single line can *never* provide enough information for the
> administrator to decide whether to install the package.
To be honest I just raised my hand to simply close the bug against
fortunes-de which had also a single line extended description.  At a second
thought I found out that an additional sentence does not really harm and
in fact is more user friendly than before.  Thus I closed the bug by
a new upload. ;-)

On the other hand I have at least two critics to the mass bug filing:
 - At least the bug against fortunes-de was filed against a not excisting
   package version (0.9-1) where the existing packages were (0.6-1/main,
   0.10/testing, 0.11/unstable - in testing since yesterday)
   Perhaps some packages changed their long description since the last
   'apt-get update' of the bug reporter.
 - I would regard this kind of bugs as "important".  They could only be
   important if the reporter would have checked each single description
   and found out that it *really* does not provide not enough information.
   This can't be guessed by the fact that the description has one
   single line.

Kind regards


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