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Re: installer for non-free packages in contrib

Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> wrote:
> Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> a tapoté :
>> On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 09:17:13AM +0200, Mathieu Roy wrote:
>> > Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> a tapot? :
>> > > I asked you a question which could be answered quite simply by producing
>> > > one of those ways. Go on. It's my honest belief that it can't be done
>> > > correctly; I'm open to hearing ways in which I'm wrong.
>> > 
>> > Instead of having a package the binary and install it, we can surely
>> > have the package that set up a directory in /usr/src with everything
>> > needed to be build the debian package + a script in /usr/bin that
>> > would create the package and install effectively (named after the
>> > installer package name, for instance).
>> > 
>> > There's no reason when you install an "installer" to have a software
>> > installed, apart from the installer itself. You should have a tool
>> > that permits you to install the software and that's what I'm proposing.
>> > 
>> > If you remove the installer, all these files would be removed, whatever
>> > the fact you may have build and installed the non-free software or
>> > not.
>> > 
>> > I think it's a pretty easy solution to have something clean.
>> I think that's a step backwards. In particular, it's now impossible to
>> have an installer package which Provides: a virtual package in a
>> sensible way;

> Which "virtual package"? The package that will be built will be a
> completely normal package.

Let us say we are talking about foo-runtime, a interpreter/virtual
machine that many packages in contrib depend on. If the installer
package worked as you proposed it wouldn't fulfil its puprose, the
foo-runtime-installer does _not_ provide foo-runtime, so
"apt-get install foo-blahfasel" will simply fail, because there is no
package providing foo-runtime available.

This doesn't just happen on initial installs but also on upgrades (WTF
is foo-runtime >= 1.4?)
                 cu andreas
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