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Re: unrebuildable ruby packages (Re: ruby-defaults 1.8.0)

Fumitoshi UKAI wrote:
> Dear ruby package maintainers!

I'm probably the only "ruby package maintainer" who doesn't speak ruby.. :-)
Luckily I have eager ruby minions to take care of that part of mooix.

However, we were a bit suprised to have to make the configure script
check for libruby.so.$VERSION. Are you sure that's a good idea? Some
reason you cannot provide a libruby.so for the default version of ruby,
so that non-debian software that just links -lruby can work?

> I plan to submit bug reports and/or NMU to fix this issue within a few weeks.

I plan to release a new mooix with the ruby changes in somewhere in the
neighborhood of three weeks. If you need the changes before then I can
try to backport them.

see shy jo

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