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NEED HELP: Making woody LSB compliant


I've received several requests to update woody in order to make it
compliant with the LSB (which version btw.?), including one from the
DPL.  Hence, it may be worth discussing the possibility.

Below are several tasks where YOUR HELP is required.

According to Anthony we need

    Updated alien
    Updated glibc
    Updated kernel-(headers|source|image) 2.4.19
    Updated pax

    The glibc changes are in unstable and upstream CVS, and have
    already been tested in released versions of Red Hat, SuSE and
    probably other distributions.

    The kernel changes have been tested everywhere that runs 2.4.19.

    The pax changes are straightforward and have been tested in both
    testing and unstable for a couple of months.

    The alien changes have been in testing and unstable for a similar
    amount of time.

Changes in the kernel most probably means that the security updates
would have to be altered again.  Same thing for glibc.

Unfortunately I can't find the source for the above packages.

I also remember some talk about start-stop-daemon having to be
altered.  What about this one?

There's also an upload to woody-proposed-updates of the lsb package
which says "Support LSB 1.2 in woody.  Includes all changes through
1.2-6 in sid."


Task: Find source for the above packages

Task: Review and discuss the changes against original packages

Task: Review the LSBvN and discuss whether only these four packages
      need to be updated or whether more require an update

Task: Find out whether the lsb package is required

Task: Review the changes in the lsb package

Task: Find out which LSB spec we would like to meet, v1.9 is out for

The discussion of the above items should take place on the newly
created debian-lsb list.  I'm only starting the discussion on
debian-devel and debian-release in order to attract more people and
since only one mail has been sent to the -lsb list yet, so it may not
be widely known.



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Please always Cc to me when replying to me on the lists.

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