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Re: Binaryless uploads

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 10:23:14AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	As I understand it, there is an script that does the
>  separation for you when you package the .debs. Is there a reason a
>  similar script can't be invoked by debian/rules to create the
>  multiple debs from the same source?

Yes, he wants multiple source packages, so if one binary package
cannot enter testing for any reason, it won't prevent the rest from
getting into testing.

I assume from the rest of the thread that no prestine upstream source
is available for webmin??

I would suggest:

#1: One source code package by module is an overkill.

(format: source package => binary packages)

webmin => webmin, webmin-core, webmin-software, webmin-cluster-software,
webmin-cluster-useradmin, webmin-cpan, webmin-exports, webmin-fetchmail,
webmin-grub, webmin-heartbeat, webmin-inetd, webmin-lpadmin, webmin-nis
webmin-mon webmin-ppp webmin-quota, webmin-raid, webmin-status,

webmin-optional => webmin-apache, webmin-burner, webmin-jabber,
webmin-mysql, webmin-postgresql, webmin-samba, webmin-squid,

webmin-extra => webmin-bind8, webmin-postfix, webmin-sendmail,
webmin-wuftpd, webmin-xinetd

webmin-contrib => webmin-filemanager, webmin-qmailadmin, webmin-sentry
webmin-nonfree => ???

This IMHO brings the packages down to 4 packages, which is much more
maintainable IMHO. The method I used to combine binary packages into one
source package was (please check I didn't make any mistakes...):

- all non-free packages built by webmin-nonfree.
- all contrib packages built by webmin-contrib.
- all packages with no complicated dependancies, or dependancies
only on simple packages get built by webmin. I don't see any reason
why these need to be split up to seperate source packages.
- all packages that depend on more complicated priority: optional
packages go into webmin-optional.
- all packages that depend on more complicated priority: extra
packages go into webmin-extra.

#2. If you are going to split the packages up, and there is no 
prestine source to worry about, why not just create a seperate
source package containing only the packages that this package
is going to build? This would eliminate the bug in question, and
would eliminate the concerns on non-free files in the main source
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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