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Re: Binaryless uploads [Was: FTBFS: architecture all packages]

Op di 19-08-2003, om 06:38 schreef Joel Baker:
> > People seem to be doing quite well enough at catching those
> > already. As you're so fond of saying, if they weren't then we wouldn't
> > be having this conversation (note how meaningless that is?).
> Primarily because a few individuals appear to be doing, on their own time
> and bandwidth, exactly what I propose - that is, invoking the binary-indep
> target on a building machine other than the maintainer's.
> If they get hit by a bus, reassigned by their job to Outer Mongolia, or
> just plain get bored with doing it, we lose that benefit entirely, as
> things stand today.

Sure, but that applies equally well to anything within Debian. If, e.g.,
aj or james get hit by a bus, we'll have a serious problem. And that's
even a bigger thread, given the fact that james and aj do things not
many other people do and which likely requires some training and
experience to do it right, whereas rebuilding and filing bugs is done by
quite a few people, and only requires the motivation to do it.

This argument hits no ground, sorry.

Wouter Verhelst
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