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Re: paul: NEWS.Debian abuse

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 03:23:51AM -0400, David B Harris wrote:

> But we have a nice new channel to provide information to users in a
> convenient, pleasant manner. It would be a real shame to have it
> degenerate into something useless (or worse than useless). Aside from
> phpmyadmin, I've seen one other NEWS.Debian entry (not released, and the
> maintainer is waiting for a patch from me) that was WAAAAY too long.
> That's 2 out of 5 NEWS.Debian entries I've seen thus far :) And I wrote
> two of them myself ;)
> So I'll continue filing them as "normal" until it's apparent that
> they're minor bugs in the odd package as opposed to a general trend.

So, having become the resident NEWS.Debian czar, perhaps you would like to
write up a short document with some guidelines for writing new entries?
It'd look nice in the developer's reference next to the bit about
changelogs, and I'd gladly add it to the apt-listchanges documentation
someplace as well.

 - mdz

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